Anemometer AM-4213


  • Use this anemometer to check air conditioning & heating systems, measure air velocities, wind speeds, temperature

Features :

13 mm dia heavy duty mini vane with telescope probe available for high temp. air velocity measurement
Microprocessor circuit provides special functions and offer high accuracy
Low friction ball vane wheels is accurate in both high & low velocities
Multi-functions for air flow measurement: m/s, km/h, ft/min, knots, mile/h
Build in temperature C,F measurement
Thermistor sensor for temp. measurement, fast response time
Large LCD display
Dual function meter’s display
Heavy duty & compact housing case
Record maximum and minimum reading with recall
Data hold
Auto shut off saves battery life
Operates from 006P DC 8V battery
RS 232 PC serial interface
Separate probe, easy for operation of the different measurement environment